1961              Born in Istanbul, Turkey

1979 - 86       Medical education in Medical Faculty of Istanbul,  University of Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

1983              Internship at the Neurosurgery Department University of Wien

1985              Participated as a medical student in a leprosy survey at pilot areas of eastern Turkey
1986              Casualty Officer in A&E Department in Konya State Hospital,  Konya, Turkey

1986 - 92       Postgraduate training in Neurosurgery Department, Medical Faculty of  Istanbul, University of Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

1991              Clinical Observer, in Neurosurgery Clinic, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield,  UK (1 month)
                     Clinical Observer, in Neurosurgery Clinic, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, UK (2 months)

1993 - 94       Attending Neurosurgeon, Kartal Education and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

1994 - 95       Attending Neurosurgeon, Bakırköy Psychiatric &Neurological Diseases Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

1995 - 96       Clinical Research Fellowship in Neurovascular and Skull Base Surgery at Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, Arizona, USA (one year)

1996 - 99       Attending Neurosurgeon, Neurosurgery Department , Medical Faculty of Istanbul, University of Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

1999-            Associate Professor, Neurosurgery Department , Medical Faculty of Istanbul, University of Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

2002 - 2004   Elected member of the Executive Committee of Turkish Neurosurgical Society

2005             Professor, Neurosurgery Department , Medical    Faculty of   Istanbul, University of Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

2006             Chairman of the 9th International Conference on Cerebral   Vasospasm, Istanbul, Turkey 

2006 - 2011   Part time Staff Neurosurgeon, German Hospital, Istanbul

2006             Elected  member of  Turkish Neurosurgical Board

2007 - 2008   Elected President of the Neurovascular Section of Turkish  Neurosurgical Society

2009 - 2012   Chairman of The Education Comittee of Turkish Neurosurgical Society

2011 -           Chairman of the Neurosurgical Departments and GammaKnife Center, Florence Nightingale Hospital

2012 - 2016   Member of EANS Research Comittee

2012 - 2014   Elected president of the Neurooncology Section of Turkish Neurosurgical Society

2014 - 2016    Vice President of Turkish Neurosurgical Society

2015 - 2017    Vice President of Neurooncological Society

2015 - 2016    Chief Editor of Turkish Neurosurgery

2015 -  2018   Chairman of the Neurosurgery Department Liv Hospital

2016-  2018    Chairman of the Neurosurgery Department Istinye University

2016 - 2017    President of Turkish Neurosurcical Society

2017 - 2021    Chairman of Cerebrovascular Diseases and Therapy aCommittee     of World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies

2018-              Vise Chairman of the Educational Committee of Mediterrenean Association of Neurological Surgeons

2019 -             Delegate of Turkish Neurosurgical Society for WFNS

2012-              Writer of  the Turkish Sailing Magazine Yacht Türkiye

2017 -             Writer of the Turkish Sea Cultur Magazine Deniz Mecmuası

2019 -             Columnist in Digital Newspaper T24

Sailor and Adventurer (Adventures including Sailing Expedition to Antarctica and Kayaking Expedition in Greenland)



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Published more than 100 articles and boo